Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Snake Charmer

The last couple posts were both answers to questions I'd been given, and the eskrima post was inspired by the idea of guards/ fighting stances.

Here is a follow up to the previous post regarding the counter intuitive idea, 'opening the line'.

So the theory, as it was empirically laid out for me in my workout times with Sonny, is this.
2 opponents facing off with swords.
The outcomes are - win/lose, lose/win, lose/lose, win/win.
Win/win - the most sensible outcome, involves both parties backing away and calling it quits.
Say this is not likely - we're practicing dueling after all, so the fight is on.
This leaves only one other worthy outcome for me - I win, they lose.
Problem is, even at the most basic level of statistics, that's a 1 in 3 chance. Me getting hurt is twice as likely.
So, there's nothing else for it, you have to control the game. Leaving it to chance is just too risky.
How to you control it? You become the snake charmer not the snake.
Winning comes from opportunities and motion. Learn to create those and take advantage of them, and you can improve your odds considerably.
Like Sonny said - "They are coming for you anyway, open the door and invite them in, (because) if I know what you are going to do next and when you are going to do it, I can beat you."
Make it happen, don't hope that it will.


Jake said...

I think I've been too much in self-defense mode this morning, because my first thought when I read this was "don't control the game...change it."

Maija said...

Changing the game is also totally acceptable!
Not sure what you had in mind, but I have heard stories of dust in the eyes, chanting of orisons and other psychologically unsettling displays, bringing friends, pretending to be left handed, extra weapons, bigger weapons, knowing that the opponents brothers will come for you if you win ....
Any more?

Jake said...

Bring a gun to a sword fight? (Or a sword to a gun fight...it can work both ways)

Move locations? (If the guy wants to fight with a weapon that needs a lot of space, get into a confined area. If he wants a confined area, fight in a field).

...I'm sure more will pop up. That's what I've got at the moment.