Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Classes for the New Year

As those of you who attended Luo Dexiu's seminars last year will know, Laoshi has been concentrating on passing forward the Hsing-Yi of the Yizong school.
The Yizong system contains the 'trinity' of Internal Arts - Tai Ji, Hsing-Yi, and Bagua.
For many years the focus has been on Bagua, and rightly so in my opinion as it is a most elegant and beautiful martial system. However Hsing-Yi, too, is an integral part of Yizong with a directness and beauty all it's own. Practical and accessible to beginners, yet subtle and fascinating for more advanced level practitioners.
As such it seemed appropriate to organize the morning class schedule in a way as to be able to concentrate on both Bagua and Hsing-Yi equally, yet separately. Therefore I have decided that over the year I will be teaching 4, 8 week courses, each looking at different aspect of the Bagua and Hsing-Yi of the Yizong system to give both the time for in-depth study they deserve, and so students can choose which courses to attend depending on their interest.

1 - Starting on Tuesday January 24th, I will be teaching an 8 week course on Bagua circle walking for meditation, health and martial practice.

2 - Starting on May 1st for 8 weeks, Hsing-Yi for meditation, health, and body training for martial practice.

3 - Starting July 17th for 8 weeks, Bagua straight line forms with fighting applications.

4 - Starting September 18th for 8 weeks, Hsing-Yi linking forms and 2 person An Shen Pao.

All classes are Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7.30 to 8.30am at Suigetsukan Dojo  http://suigetsukan.org/

Courses are open to beginners and continuing students.
Cost is $150/ 8 week course (16 classes)

Eskrima classes are ongoing.
I teach mostly privately but there is an open group class that meets every Thursday from 3.30 to about 5.30pm.
Looks like I will be in Europe some time in March into April. I will be in the UK for about a week, then in Switzerland, possibly Germany though no firm plans/dates as yet.

Anyone interested in seminars, on going classes, or privates can contact me at the e-mail address below. Also to sign up for the 8 week courses.

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