Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Eskrima: Basic class description

Visayan Corto Kadena Eskrima is the creation of Maestro Sonny Umpad.
It is a Sword based, Filipino martial art taught around the concept of "random flow".
Class consists of the "Moro warm up set", followed by a combination of some of the following elements of the system: Pangamut (empty hand), Sikaran, Sword manipulation and flow, Double blade, Sangot (sickle), and Largo/Bogsai (cane).

Bagua: Basic class description

I teach the Gao style system as taught by Luo de Xiu, but occasionally add other Nei Gung elements, plus some Tai Chi, Hsing-I or even Eskrima to illustrate points as seems necessary.
Class usually consists of a little standing meditation, ji ben gung, and either circle walking practice or straight line forms with fighting applications.
Class has been running for about a year now. We are just about to start on Tienjin circle form #6, and Line 1.5.
Beginners are welcome to join at any time, as are continuing practitioners.
First the important info:
Class times:
Gao style Bagua from the Yizong lineage of Luo de Xiu of Taipei.
7.30 - 8.30 am Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
$60/month. $10 drop in.

Visayan Corto Kadena Eskrima from Maestro Sonny Umpad.
7.30 - 8.50 pm Thursday evening, and by invitation only 4 - 6 pm Sundays.
$40/month. $10 drop in.

At: Suigetsukan dojo. Corner of E14th (International Blvd) and 1st ave in Oakland, CA.
Visit for directions.