Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cross Pollination

Workouts right now have been on climb ups, stealing distance, entries and openings.
Starting with Largo, moving to Bogsai, sword and then to Pangamut, basically long to short.
The common handwork pattern called Pangamut is the start point for empty hand flow training in many Filipino systems. Some systems do it standing still or facing the opponent, we do it in conjunction with the pendulum step so these climb ups, range stealings, entries and openings are easier to practice.

By the end of the session we started inserting entries from Bagua and Hsing-Yi into the mix - Pi, San Pa Shou, Kai Kan, Li, Gai etc - and looking at trips and throws from Hsing-Yi and Bagua to add to the mix of Moro footwork, kicks and locks. Any time the players got stuck we worked Hubad (tying and untying) to look for disengagements and reversals.
Good times.

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