Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mr Wang Critiques ......

Pertinent critique from Mr Wang. Not sure when this interview was ... 1940/50s?



Anonymous said...

Ahh. Nothing in action. He is absolutely right about training modes; I am a good example. For decades I learned to throw myself off roofs, down stairs, block fists with my nose, embrace the asphault, do physical exercises and develop endurance that would shame an Iron Man triathlete. Now my body is stiff, creaky and painful, my movements slow and endurance severely limited. The lesson here - develop combat science, as the Master says, through intelligence, intuition and intention, not through pushups and breaking boards. Look at the career longevity of mixed martial artists - what, maybe 6 years? The toughest of the tough. But perhaps, as is said, better to burn out than fade away?

Jake said...

Very cool interview. Thanks for sharing.