Saturday, April 2, 2011


 In answer to CTK's question as to how to apply/practice from the 'Options not Opposites' post

You need to understand the 'point of no return' and become aware of it. Then you have to try to feel it ABOUT to happen - i.e. when you still have options. Then you have to learn to DO something about it - that means not freezing and not looping, but CHANGING something.
What can you change? Well that's why you need to have your weight distributed and feet placed so they can move. Your body angled so it can move, your weapon placed so it can move, and the ability to see where is safe and where is not.

There's a bunch of tactical stuff here as to how not to get into this position in the first place (and a bunch on how to use it as a bait), but if you do find yourself losing options, but have not reached the point of no return, the list I gave is things that will help get you out, or perhaps turn the tide in your favor.

So to your question: How to apply/practice ..?

For the DO list -
For footwork - Out of context I would have to say soccer, basketball, salsa dancing, fell running, hackisack.
You can also practice hopping, skipping, stutter step. Opening and closing doors and picking things up with your feet. Creeping/stalking etc etc
You can have someone throw a ball at you whilst you stand in front of a wall and evade (see video clip from epicmartialarts blog coming up soon). Sonny would throw knives and balls at us to evade.
The weapon stuff is just a question of practicing with it in tight spaces and at close quarters.

For the 'SEE' list -
You are right, flow is how you put it all in context - you need some one who can set you up, or at least point it out from the side lines as it is happening, so you can see it, and engage your conscious mind into changing before it gets too late. So you can practice noticing where the point of no return is, and trying to change the game before it happens.
This is the best way, because it's really hard to pretend to get cornered and have to react spontaneously if you don't have to. It's also hard to pretend the angles of attack with a sword you are going to have to deal with ... without a sword.

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