Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Getting Your Learn On

Along with the physical training, I had the pleasure of drinking coffee on Sunday morning with Rory and Mac. We must have sat there for about 3 hours and I have to say, what a privilege it was to listen in to 2 guys working at the level of awareness they do.
In the same way that the afternoon brawling session feels like soup ... no, perhaps better, a rich stew in my body, this conversation sits in my mind in the same way.
It's an elusive thing when you start to try to pin down what you talked about or what you learned, in the same way that intuition is lighter and stronger before you stare at it too hard.
I absorbed a great deal from the company of these 2 men, talking, listening, watching.

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The European Historical Combat Guild said...

Just wanted to saY i like the description...
"Intuition is lighter and stronger when you don't stare at it too hard"