Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Don't Get Hit Part 2

I shamelessly stole these video clips from a friend's blog.
Evasion is hugely important in Filipino style dueling, blocking too ... you really really don't want to take hits with an edged weapon if you can avoid it.
Your footwork, 'ma-ai' and defensive structure must all work together. Defense and offense should essentially be the same thing - focusing solely on evading is not a plan. Defense sets up the position for the offense ... after all 'not getting hit' can also be achieved by keeping your opponent busy defending themselves 
Here's some nice boxing and MMA examples - (Note: the music and editing in the first clip are obnoxious ... but you can always press the mute button :-)


Anderson Silva:

Original post on Jon Law's Blog:


Unknown said...

Hi Maija

Been a long time......

I was unaware that you've been blogging, I'm going to put a link up on my blog to here.

The post I wrote using these videos is one of my faves, I was very fortunate to find a youtube vid that really had everything I need to make the point. It all just fell into place.

I'll be spending a bit of time on here when I can checking out your stuff.

Hope all's well with you and yours, all the best


Maija said...

Hey Jon!
Yep - great clips :-) I particularly like the Tyson stuff, he's less of a showman but uses every movement as a gift. Silva too.
In dueling, the showmanship of Prince Naseem say, is also useful. He plays at a longer range so it works there ... can't do it up close with swords though ... apart from with the hand that is generally in range anyway.
(For those reading that play VCKE that's where the Sangot comes in as a training tool).

Anyway, thanks for the clips Jon, and also your blog - I'm enjoying reading your thoughts.