Friday, March 5, 2010

What we worked on ..... March 2010

Going to try to keep a log on what we worked on in class - hopefully every week ... we'll see :-)

At the end of February, we free flowed for most of the evening, and came to the inevitable conclusion that the hardest part of dueling is not getting hit yourself - either on the way in, simultaneously on hitting the opponent, or then on the exit.
Conclusions ...? Must improve the defensive line and evasion skills, work on accuracy in judging the edge of the range, and accuracy in judging the timing - one's own, and that of the opponent.

Last week we started looking in more depth at the 'moro foundation exercises', which, when added to the pendulum stepping, are a great solo practice to understand the footwork and body angles used in flowing and dueling.

We practiced holding the wall and flush blocking. Flowed Largo style, and added the hiwa concept.
We also started mirroring and pairing, and considered their uses as an offensive and defensive tactics.
We mostly used the metal blades to work on accuracy of blade angle vs cutting angle, and accuracy in target acquisition.

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