Thursday, December 18, 2014

Which Way is Up?

 Teaching people to be able to move their feet and not stay planted is not easy. The 'freeze' tendency in all of us, alongside the one that automatically resists being pushed, and chooses to push back instead of move, makes a great deal of footwork almost counterintuitive.

In a way one has to 'unlearn' heaviness/plantedness but not at the expense of losing structure and connection through the body. Move WITH someone trying to run you down or throw you and WHERE you move in relationship to THEM is even more important. You can't gain the advantage unless you understand the geometry of the whole.

Where is the 'space'? Where is the resistance? Which way is down? Where is weak? Where is the way out?

Here is a compilation clip of Mansur Isaev. He's a Judo player. Check out his footwork. That Cossack dancing really comes in handy doesn't it?

Big thanks to Steve Morris, a man with a superior understanding of movement and power and with some of the best eyes in the fight business, for finding the clip.

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Unknown said...

Movement is so key to everything. Rapier can be a very static art, rigid postures and limited lines of engagement. It's why I stress challenging movement in every class. Handstands and cartwheels to get the backbrain thinking differently about gravity and place, b-boy moves for quick feet and knowing and changing structure and balance on the fly. Works great! I find the six-step move to be great drill for groundwork.

Loved the judo clip. Check this out: