Tuesday, December 2, 2014


 This is a video of Markus Brinkman, one of Luo DeXiu's earliest students. I love watching his material because he can show so clearly how the principles of Bagua and Hsing-I work. Here he takes a few different entries, and does the same one over and over, just varies the angles of the hands, the body and the placement of the feet.

The hands, though possessing some intrinsic power ( for instance whipping and dead hand), really are best when used as ways to connect your body to that of the opponent.

You move your feet so you are aligned with your power and potential future options, and go where your opponent is weak and has none. (a.k.a. being pretzeled). Connect your body to your hands and voila! You can use your legs and the planet earth to add force into the system.

What is going to work when, will vary depending on the opponent. It matters not! There's always somewhere that will! See the momentum and connect. The reaction to the entry will tell you if you succeed, or how to counter their resistance.

Great stuff


Edit: I have been told that the link above has been changed to 'private' which is unfortunate, but this one was just uploaded: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RhzXsP8LEU

It has some of the same entries and progessions as the previous clip - Basically using one idea and extrapolating.


Stickgrappler said...


Clicked to watch the vid, it's set to private :(


Maija said...

I guess Markus hanged the settings. Put another one up that was uploaded 13 hours ago :-)
Hoping it will work for everyone.