Monday, August 19, 2013

Hsing-ing some Yi

Luo De Xiu is coming to town again, August 30th through September 9th.

He's very good ... though of course I would say so as he is my teacher :-)

Looks like the menu for this year is heavy on the Hsing-Yi again. I'm guessing he really wants to pass that forward to keep it alive as part of the total Yizong School curriculum.

I'm definitely liking the Hsing-Yi .... can't say it surpasses the Bagua yet, but the subtlety of the shear angles and power lines is really quite interesting, and I've been experimenting with using the Pangamot (Eskrima hand work) pendulum flow as an entry system to try out the inserts and positionings ...

I will probably burn in TMA hell for mixing systems ... but the 'touching points' exercise (Hand, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, foot, alongside the off line footwork which can be seen the vid in the previous post behind the sickle flow) works great as a way to understand the inserts in a dynamic partner interaction.

As an aside, last class, we worked an entry and throw from the 'Snake' form and had fun looking at the possible reversals, and points of no return ..... It's awesome to have a very high level Jiu Jutsu and Aikido practitioner in class to brainstorm with ....

Oh no .... more cross pollination ... I'm done for .....


Stickgrappler said...

Hello Maija,

*bows deeply*

LOL at cross pollination and burning in TMA Hell - I think the serious MAist, especially in this day and age, would have cross-pollinated a few times and therefore will burn in TMA Hell

The serious student though needs to check out other styles/systems to find what works for him/her self. The current instructor, if of strong ego and truly a good instructor, will understand and probably would've encouraged it at some point. 

But sadly a saying from CMA may pertain to some TMA :

"Bo wu fon woon"
(not official Cantonese pinyin/transliteration)

Literally 'Protect the Rice Bowl'

MA can be commerce and not looking out for the student's growth sadly

Great you have access to high-level MAists from other styles!

Very truly yours in the MA,


P.S. not sure how Luo sifu spells it, but minor nitpick (please forgive the MA geek in me):

Either stick with the older Wade Giles and use "Hsing I" or stick with the current/official Pinyin and use "Xing Yi" (also "xingyi")

But not "Hsing Yi" - unless of course you are cross pollinating and willing to burn in Chinese transliteration Hell ;)

Maija said...

@SG - Maybe I should just call it Shing-E ;-)