Friday, August 23, 2013

Kasushi Sakuraba

I don't have TV of any sort, and have not done so for many years. Any fights I watch are all on the internet after the fact. Consequently my knowledge of who is who is pretty weak .... I have my favorites, but am no expert, and certainly not up with the times.

Just thought I'd post this clip a friend of a friend posted from a documentary on Kasushi Sakuraba. I thought it was great. I remember seeing rise of the Gracies in the early early UFCs, and how they took out so many fighters of different sizes and types. Here, Kasushi owns them.

His switch from backpeddling from an aggressive forward blast into a take down at the 2 min mark is awesome, as is his calm use of range and game to conserve energy against Royce Gracie, and his deft use of slight changes in curvature during a grapple to gain the advantages in the finishing locks.

Truly a fighter that can see the gaps and the gifts.

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Unknown said...

No TV??? Me neither. Really. I prefer radio, because the "pictures" are better. Your blog is both entertaining AND informative. Have a great day! :-)