Friday, February 15, 2013

Teach the Open Mind

 What I found fascinating about this video is not the fact that some students are open minded and some are not ... but that for some this open mindedness is not even in their imagination as a possibility.
I am intrigued that you can teach it pretty much by pointing it out and adding some skills on how to do it. I think it's something that good teachers do anyway, but perhaps 'How to learn' should be a bigger part of the curriculum than it is ....?

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The European Historical Combat Guild said...

Yes the "how to learn" aspect as a major one. I am still amazed that so few people know how, or rather how few have maintained the ability to learn, they after all have generally learned to speak, walk, read, drive cars and ride bikes. but somewhere along the way the approach to learning favoured in our society and educational system has managed to overwrite the natural learning we are all born with. Inner game of Tennis and Golf have been good reads for me amongst others and have helped my on practice and teaching with weapons my archery as well.