Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hand Fighting 

This is a fascinating clip of 2 very high level grapplers vying for position. Neither seems to be able to gain advantage, engaging and breaking for about 14 minutes of this 21 minute clip.
It's a real chess match, and obviously both fighters have a high degree of understanding as to what real opportunity looks like from the very periphery of contact, the hands alone, sometimes the head and neck.
Neither is going to commit to something the other can take advantage of, yet are constantly trying to create opportunities, or time to enter and take the dominant position.
Dueling can be contain similar tactical play, and this can happen at the far edge of range, or from contact. 
However, I have often heard it called, disparagingly, 'knife dancing', where 2 players circle but neither is willing to enter. 
Circling with no purpose, sure, that's a little pointless (though still better than standing still), but the chess of gaining tactical advantage, that's just smart.
It's a fine line between waiting and creating, defending and setting someone up, and to see it done well is a real pleasure.

(As with many interesting video clips regarding boxing, grappling, or sports in general, I have to thank Steve Morris for the find)

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