Monday, May 23, 2011

Wax On Wax Off

Martial Arts are a great passion of mine, so when I am forced to take a break from training it feels very strange. Thankfully this break is not forced by injury but is job related, and as a painter I actually have the perfect job to compliment sword play - I get to practice dexterity, changing grip and manipulating the brush and other tools, I get to play with rolling poles and broom handles - no explanation needed as to how that is useful, hand eye coordination painting free hand lines, balance running up and down ladders - I try not to use my hands, pivoting and dropping using the Moro footwork for painting low area or picking things up, moving things with my feet only, painting left and right handed and switching hands seamlessly.
Additionally I can practice awareness and use of peripheral vision moving around other people, and whatever else might come into my mind during the day.
There's pretty much always an opportunity to train if you see the world as your playground.

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Chris McKenna said...

So true! For bagua headz hikes with friends become secret opportunities for walking practice.