Monday, May 2, 2011


Carrying on somewhat on the theme of Options vs Opposites:

2 Big reasons why you get nailed -

1) You are a beat behind (following), and your opponent leads you into making a defensive error and hits you.

2) You enter and your opponent is laying in wait for you, takes advantage of the opening your strike creates, and hits you.

Hang on a minute .....
1) says my opponent leads and I get hit because I am behind, but
2) says if I go first and they are waiting, I get hit ....??

I wait, I get hit, I go, I get hit ... Hmmmmm .....


Anonymous said...

Setting aside the ambush (the only truly effective martial art), what you're describing is a duel where both sides have agreed on doing certain things and have had the time to evaluate distance, posture, style and intent. These things define the 'shape' of the encounter. If you're asking yourself the questions (on your post) then you didn't perceive the shape (of the encounter) and are trying to make up a 'story' to fit pre-experienced shapes (mental filters, preconceptions, engrams). Grab a pencil and paper, close your eyes, (re) feel the encounter, let your pencil trace the flow from your memory

Maija said...

You are absolutely correct - the context is dueling which, at it's heart, is what the Visayan Style I teach is all about .... and yes, I have a 'solution'(would that be a 'shape'?) from my experiences of solving the 'problem'.... just leaving something for readers to contemplate before posting what I think, later (perhaps tomorrow):-D
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