Friday, March 11, 2011


The focus of training yesterday was practicing creating openings from weapon to weapon contact.

If the weapons are in contact both players are in range, so to avoid a Mexican standoff one option is to make your opponent feel compelled to defend themselves, and hence too busy to hit you. The opponent must perceive a real THREAT that they feel they must deal with otherwise it doesn't work, but if it does, there is the added bonus that this creates an opening that you can then take advantage of.

So 2 things are needed - the feeling of threat, and being in the correct place to take advantage of the opening that is created. (And of course some sword manipulation skills to actually do so)

The first requires the ability to 'express' an intent with the body and weapon - i.e. something believable.
The second requires an understanding of the center line, how to hold it, and the footwork to move when needed in any direction depending on what the opponent does.

Soccer and Basketball players do both all the time, it's called 'juking', though in these games the player's job is to protect the ball and score. The importance of the center line and the concept of the fake are the same, but of course in dueling the goal is different.
So a few more factors to deal with - you have a sword and the added hazard of your opponent trying to strike you, but at least you don't have a ball to worry about ....

Plenty great ones here. A nice clear example starts at 42ish secs:

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