Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cha Cha Cha

In his earlier days Sonny spent many of his nights at dance clubs around the Bay Area where sometimes there would be competitions for money. Sonny won often. His specialty was The Hustle. He was a natural dancer and women loved to have him as a partner because he was so fluid and light on his feet and his skill at leading made anyone look good on the dance floor.
One evening a girlfriend was showing him how to Cha Cha at his house, and as she tells it he suddenly had an inspiration, becoming fascinated with the idea of using the interplay between dance partners as a way to teach his Visayan style dueling.
Why not? There was range, angle, timing, leading, following, sensitivity, and rhythm already built in, but to add swords, striking and evasion to the mix? Now that's genius.

Points if you can see the pendulum step and half body pendulums here.


The European Historical Combat Guild said...

And bruce lee danced cha cha.
Several renaisence sword masters were recognised as good dancers of teachers of dance as well.

Maija said...

Yeah - I heard that about Bruce Lee, and I can absolutely see the connection between dueling and dancing.
Sonny would send his more uncoordinated students off to Salsa class to improve their mobility. After all there HAS to movement in sword play, and a connection to the other person ... you just got to tell more lies when dueling ;-)