Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Imagination, Boundaries and Blind Spots

Had an awesome weekend training and shooting the shit with Rory Miller.
One of the biggest themes that came up was how often we limit ourselves by a lack of imagination, or using our imagination to set up boundaries that do not 'exist' - physical or ethical.
Of course we can't see these until they are pointed out to us from the outside, or by someone else ... through a real life experience, or by a teacher.
You can't see what you can't comprehend might be there, or has become so familiar it becomes invisible.
Sonny said that the one that you don't see is the one that'll hit you, so best 'see' as much as possible in training. Of course in a literal sense this means being blind sided by an unfamiliar strike or angle, but it can also extend out to any blind spot - real or imaginary.
The really cool thing about flow training, one step, or scenarios, is the experience of being able to interact with a variety of people, all who have a personality outside yourself.
If you can try to let go of who you think you are already, try to let go of the truly imaginary boundaries you think define your possibilities, and use the training to try to find blind spots instead, it can be very powerful.
A great teacher can help too - thanks Rory.

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