Friday, February 25, 2011


The first major target in dueling is the hand that holds the weapon. This is particularly important in bladed arts, and becomes even more important when the weapons used have no guards as is common in the PI.
Like the Machete, there is no need for a hand guard on a utility blade, so many Bolo, Visayan Pinute or Barong etc offer no protection for the hand.
This is awesome if you are target hunting - after all the opponent's hand is often the closest thing to you, and if it is extended, can negate the size advantage of someone who is taller than you.
This goes both ways though, and when you realize that every time you extend your own arm you are also in danger of having it damaged ... you have a problem that needs solving.

Yesterday in class we worked on the 2 ends of this equation - targeting and protection.
Sonny's random flow method lends itself nicely to both players being able to practice different pieces of the puzzle at the same time and works from a very basic premis that every question/problem has answers ... and that within each answer there are more questions/problems to solve.

For instance -
I want to strike my opponent. (It has to happen at some point. Pure defense does not work)
To reach them I must extend my arm to cut.
If I extend my arm, I am open and my hand is a target.
(My opponent takes advantage of being able to practice accuracy in targeting)
So ... Can I protect myself when I extend?

Alternate question -
Can I make my opponent extend their arm into target range?
(Then I can practice my accuracy in targeting)
What would tempt them?
How do I make that happen?
What happens when we both play the same game?

Alternate question -
Do I need to extend my arm to strike them?
Can I lure them close so I do not have to extend?
Why would they want to close on someone holding a sword?
How do I make that happen?

Each "How?" Of course presents a tree of questions and answers that can go in many directions, and depending on who you play with, the questions will have slightly different trees.
Cool 8-)

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