Saturday, February 23, 2019

Moving it All to Patreon

Just a quick note to anyone interested, that might still pop into this blog, I have very recently started a Patreon page.
Patreon is a way to help artists of all kinds to get some compensation for their work. So, for the price of one private lesson a year, or a newspaper subscription, you can follow my blog, watch training videos, ask questions, comment, and support my efforts.
If you are interested, please find me at
Thank you.


Adeel Ahmed said...

I'm trying to find where I can purchase your videos meant to go with your book.

But I can't find it on a google search.

Adeel Ahmed said...

I also plan to subscribe to your Patreon.

But first I want to go through your book and the videos, then once I play with that connect on Patreon and follow you.