Thursday, September 8, 2016

Getting Killed Second is Still Not a Win

Sometimes I get asked "What do you think about this drill or technique"?

My standard answer "What happened to get to this point so this could happen"?

Here are 2 exercises that will find you answering this question yourself.

1 - Reverse engineer the moment the drill/technique starts, using the logic of an opponent with a known motivation to get to this freeze frame in the action ... and see if you can pull it off, or put a different way - What needs to happen with them and you, your relative positions, the range, the timing, the targeting, and the scenario in general (location, purpose, numbers of individuals etc etc) for this moment to come about? Can you make it valid?

2 - If I was on the receiving end of this, how would I avoid having it happen to me?

There are very few techniques that are really just plain wrong. It's just that every technique has edges past which it won't work. You need to find the edges more than you need to master the drill.

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