Wednesday, November 13, 2013


All the small things matter, for though they may be inconsequential when taken individually, together they can create big effects.

The most obvious one is power generation - If I can get all the elements that create power - gravity, turning and twisting and whipping to work as one, then I can generate more power than if I just control one of them.

Other less obvious chains include the same power generators, but this time used to accelerate evasive movements, or changing the start angle of the blade edge to change the arc of the cut (basically connecting the blade to the twisting capability of the arm .. and torso ... and leg ... and step).

The so called Internal Arts talk about the 'chain of pearls' and 'if one part moves all parts move' to describe this concept, and the big thing to note is that it's the connections between the increments that create the chain, not just the pieces themselves ... and a chain is only as strong as the weakest link.

Connecting pieces efficiently involves relaxing, because it's the previous increment that pulls or pushes the next piece into action, and timing the connections so they all work in concert is what makes the chain possible.

The timing is related to physiology and distance ... all colliding at the point of impact, or out of the line of fire in direct relationship to the arc of the target to hit, or the incoming threat to evade.

Add a fake or a bait to the chain of motion and there will be at least 2 possible chains that need to be accessible - the direct line, or with a bounce/cusp, a curve or a slingshot used as the change in direction.

Again. Relaxation is the key to preserving or amplifying the power/torque, and timing is the key to achieving precision at the point of (no) contact.

For practice, it's worth remembering that it's much easier to make big and long into small and short than the other way around.

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Stickgrappler said...

Love this! Many write off the Internal MA without truly exploring it and understanding it. Their loss IMO.

To them, it's all Dragonball Z-style chi blasts.

But ultimately Internal MA is just making sure all parts work efficiently and relaxation is the key/main focus of training.

Glad you are writing about this!

Thank you