Saturday, June 15, 2013

Material for June 16th Workshop

These are some of the things we will work on tomorrow:

- Intro to random Flow concept, what it is, and how it is different from sparring.

Then on to some physical skills ....

- 4 basic strike angles

- Understanding the difference in weapon manipulation and physical range when slicing, hacking and chopping.

- Practicing making the cut angle and blade angle the same, and checking accuracy all the way through the target.

- Discussion of the center line, weapon type, and targeting.

- Differentiating which directions are open to move, dependent on strike angle.

- Defensive blocks, in front of the force, and behind the force for each strike angle. Body angulation and weapon positioning.

- Hand targeting

- Use of front and back of blade, flicking, slicing and chopping cuts.

- Hand movement and hand evasion.

- Baiting with the hand.

- Pendulum

- Basic stepping concept with a partner.

- Range, calibration, hip and shoulder movement.

- Weight shift vs stepping

- Largo Mano Flow

- Empty space

- Movement

- Striking from tip down

- Pendulum timing

- 'Gypsy Knife Drill'

- Movement

- Pendulum timing

- Holding the box

- Cut/block pendulum

- Retraction flow 

- Connect & enter drill

- The exit

I think we'll certainly get this far, and perhaps in some 2nd flow, which we did last time, but these are the basics for some play time.

I'm hoping that we will spend the last couple hours just flowing. There will be ample opportunity to play with all the guys from the system who are coming, and with each other.

I'll also rope some guys in for some demo time. There is a great deal to learn by watching, and part of the day will be learning to see from the outside what we have been learning to do ourselves. It is a great way to understand what is going on tactically, and also see tendencies and glitches and how we can take advantage of them.

Hopefully a good time will be had by all :-)

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Dragan Milojevic said...

OK, just had to ask, is there ever gonna be a video? at least highlights or something...