Wednesday, January 2, 2013


The Japanese are particularly good at creating simple words that encompass big ideas - Ma-ai comes to mind, as does this fabulous one  - Kazushi.

It means 'To Disturb' - a fabulous martial tactic ... And can refer to a disturbance in mind, body or spirit (seeing as they are not truly separate).

From sword training, it is obvious that there are 2 key elements to being able to disturb - being seen ... and not being seen.
Both create a situation where the opponent is chasing something that you will deny to them - either their center of balance, contact with the sword or a perceived target, but 'being seen' and 'not being seen' each has a different feeling, and perhaps deserve separate attention.

 - Being seen means I physically manipulate or interact with you to cause a reaction - I take your balance, and you naturally try to regain it. Whether or not you try, I can make you fall.
Another way would be to yell at you and call you names - make you angry, or provoke you in some other way to make an error.

- Not being seen means not being where, or what, you think I am ..... reacting in an unpredictable manner, physically. mentally or emotionally. Being a 'ghost' or a threat in the darkness ....

Most people think of the first way ... but the second is also useful. It's weirder and more disconcerting, perhaps more difficult to learn and pull off, but certainly worth looking at.

I recently found out it is pronounced with the last 'i' silent, which makes it even more fun ........ KAZOOSH!

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