Friday, June 29, 2012

Robbers and Thieves

Playing Katana this morning, and noting the similarities between Hsing-I's shearing angles and some of the techniques, and the more circular, perhaps Bagua-esque feel of others - the wedge vs the spinning top. (Some combined too, more like an auger perhaps ...?)
In Eskrima they would be related to the Wavecutter/wedge and Pandol/fulcrum.

Shearing and circling both require structure, angle and timing and are range and orientation dependent. They are also somewhat related the power input given by the opponent .. but they also have a mindset component, each requiring a focus and a kinesthetic feel - Do one with the feel of the other and you tend to eat steel.

Reminded me of my teacher's description of the difference in mindset between Hsing-I and Bagua - Hsing-I he said is like a bank robber - taking space, owning everything.
Bagua, however, he said is more like a sneak thief, stealing what it wants when you aren't looking .....

We probably all have a natural tendency towards one or the other, but both are useful and both should be cultivated, especially the transition between the two.

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