Thursday, May 3, 2012


Common comments from students during flow:
"I'd take that cut"
"That was a lucky shot"
"I got you TOO"
"You cheated"
"Well, if I was really trying ..."
"If you really came at me, I'd ... "
"You didn't really get me"
"But what if I did this?"

My common replies:
"Let's see".

I honestly don't mind resistance. Questions are good. A nice dose of skepticism does not hurt one bit. But there's a big sticking point it seems in training ... right at about the level where they can hit you ...... but can't get away without getting nailed .... A resistance to the idea that anything past this is even necessary.

ME: "So...  the whole dying part of the interaction was OK with you ...?"
THEM: "Er ....."
ME: "See, if you take that shot, you die because these things we are playing with are pointy and sharp".
THEM: "But I got you too"
ME: "Yes, but I don't care in the role I'm taking (as in teaching you) ... and you are still dead"
ME: "OK .. Again"

ME: "CAN'T do that ... you're still dead. Remember, it's a sword"
THEM: "I'd have taken that cut"
ME: "Really?"
ME: "Let's try again. Try not to get hit ..."

This is a hard stage to be at, and there are people that get stuck here, that can't progress past this point.
And it's really hard to teach those that can't.

I wonder what separates those that can, from those that can't?
Frustration? Lack of imagination? Lack of .... what? Or perhaps it's something as simple as aiming for the wrong goal. Believing the goal is solely to womp the 'enemy' .... as opposed to doing what you must to survive.


Josh Kruschke said...

You mean you are not teaching sport fighting.


Anonymous said...

On the other hand, taking the shots and fighting on might instill mental and physical fortitude - fighting through, as it were. I've seen it go both ways in police and corrections conflict simulation training where simunitions, paintball and airsoft rounds are used - some agencies, concerned more with workman's compensation claims, will stop scenarios when any hit is made, other agencies encourage officers to fight on.

Maija said...

Nothing wrong with fighting on ... in fact it should be absolutely encouraged when one has nothing to lose.
This post was inspired by the lack of any appreciation for throwing one's 'life' away. If one has the choice, I would rather encourage smart ideas rather than stupid ones.
If one has already taken a hit ... then ... that's another matter ... but still best to avoid taking any more, and learn to see the gaps rather than the impasses ....