Monday, April 9, 2012

Open Mind

An open mind implies that you are not certain. That you are willing to entertain new ideas to expand your world view, be surprised even, and adapt.

An interesting thought came up in a conversation with B -

Can the experience of training, physically, in uncertainty, as in random flow, help open your mind to new possibilities, and perhaps in other ways outside of training also?
... Or is an open mind necessary as a prerequisite for successful random flow training?


Anonymous said...

Open minds, perhaps. A rational frame of mind that seeks information, an emotional frame of mind that seeks experiences that may be frustrating, overpowering or even fearful and a 'spiritual' centeredness or objectivity that can allow the whole person to perceive, process and perform without interference from preconceptions or prejudices. And, of course, one cannot develop this 'open mind' without going through these processes. Chicken or the egg. Or, perhaps, an open mind comes from eye-opening experiences.

Jake said...

I think it can probably run both ways. Someone with an open mind will adapt more quickly to an "alive" training environment.

Someone trained in that kind of environment may find that the spontaneity and improvisation they've developed in that context translates to other areas of their life.