Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sound Effects

Why is it that adding sound effects to movement makes them better?
I'm sure we all do it - we did it as kids, I do it quite alot when I teach, and I often do it either inside my head or for real when I practice certain moves.
Teacher Luo does it also, he is a very expressive teacher and uses his voice to create different sounds to give the flavor of the power he is using. He often uses his facial expression and body expression too to convey different feelings, but always sound.
Last night at the San Shou (Sticky Hand) class we were working on pretty small and subtle changes of angle. I started adding the same sound effects that he was doing to the scoops, hooks, wiggles, swings and catches we were practicing, and when I did, the movement got better.  I started experimenting with different partners, each of us adding the sound effects as we practiced on each other ... and yup, movement improved for everyone.
I guess until last night I just never thought about how doing it might actually create a different shape in the brain to improve physical movement, rather than it just being a dorky thing that's fun to do and seems to feel good.


Jim said...

I was very fortunate. My teacher taught me this way from the beginning; he always taught us to use counting, particular sounds, or vocalizations to help bring the movements together. Making a sound helps synchronize what we're doing, giving rhythm and flow to the movement -- and it keeps us breathing. It's amazing how much of a difference it can make.

Anonymous said...

Kiaijutsu. My personal favorite for getting someone's (or a group's attention) is PIZZA! The first time I used it in a point karate match, my opponent froze up for that golden second. The ref said, "pizza? really?' "Yup," says I, "loud enough to melt cheese and makes a man think of food, not of scoring a point."

Remember Bill Cosby? To paraphrase: you don't need years of training, just the noises.

Maija said...

Cosby quote is great :-)
Thing I have been wondering about it whether non language sounds affect your movement and ability to mimic in a different way. Kinda getting out of your front brain and self consciousness into something a bit more primal .....