Thursday, September 23, 2010

Weekend with Rory Miller

Rory was back in town again over the weekend of Sept11/12.

2 days of training at The East Bay rats clubhouse - kindly lent to us for the event - thanks Trev :-)

Day 1 was a repeat of some of the material from the spring seminar, but now in a more realistic environment - concrete, obstacles, dirt etc.
The one step drill was the basis for investigating different ideas, from technical - pressure points, locks, ground work etc, to mindset. We also did some blindfolded in-fighting.

Day 2 was scenario day, a superb series of situations, sometimes with only one person as the focus, sometimes with all of us participating. De-brief of tactics and justification to a 'jury' of peers was part and parcel of the experience. Constructing scenarios in an art indeed.

We talked of uncertainty, social conditioning, ethical considerations, chaos, adrenal responses, intuition, mental states, 'play' as a training method, shades of gray, back and white, on and on ....
A fascinating weekend and a damn fine time.

Much to digest, train, play with ......

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