Monday, July 9, 2012

'Health and Fate'

An inspired blog post by my friend Scott:

The part about the underwear elastic is totally true .... Who knew it was related to Internal Arts practice ... :-)


Anonymous said...

I'm living proof that exercise is not good for you. It made me aggressive, impatient and ruined my joints. After I could no longer keep up the anaerobics, I put on 50 pounds. But, by golly, at my peak, I could run a half-marathon, fight 6 people for 30 minutes then do 20:1 minute full contact rounds, then do forms for 2 hours, wearing a 'rubber' shirt, teach for two more hours, ride my bike home 8 miles, mostly uphill, mow the lawn, make nice with the wife and then take the family to the drive-in. But - what did I get out of it? Of what practical benefit to myself (other than ego boost) or others was it?

As I look forward to several joint replacement surgeries, and take another dose of oxy, I wonder.

Scott said...