Friday, February 4, 2011


Working on a storyboard for a potential video on some of the fundamental skills of VCKE.
Much comes down to footwork - perhaps no surprise there - as this is what connects you to your ability to move, evade, and generate power.
Turns out a study of footwork can be as complex or as simple as you care to make it. On the one hand, we all know how to walk, run, tip-toe, skip, crouch, balance, jump, turn, slide, and pivot (.... at least we did as children). On the other hand, many of us do not notice the in-built alignment principles designed into our physiology that make these movements efficient, and that can also make them fluid, explosive or deceptive as needed, and able to generate power at any time.
On the one hand - the most natural thing in the world. On the other - a book full of notes and hours of practice.
It's certainly an interesting project, and a key element will be a balance between precise, conscious practice, and natural movement "unimpeded by the thought process" (as click and clack would say ...... :-))

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